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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like additional information to a specific property in or near Horizon City.
In order for the Town to determine if the property is within the City Limits or its Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, a Geographic (GEO) or Property Identification (PID) Number for each specific lot/parcel is required.  Please contact El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2131 to acquire the PID for each lot.  Then, using our “contact us” website tool, please fill out the form to include the PID number and the specific information you are requesting in the message box. A staff member will reply to your email.

How may I determine the market value of a property or parcel?   Market value is how much a property or parcel will sell for under normal conditions.
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a method used to determine market values and establish a listing price. For a CMA, please contact a Real Estate Agent.  For a more precise market value, please contact an appraiser to request an appraisal of the property/parcel and determine its worth.

How may I determine if a specific property is in Horizon City and what it is zoned?
Please reference the Town of Horizon Zoning Map.  All colored parcels within the perforated pink line are within the Town’s City Limits.  All black and white parcels outside the pink line on the zoning map are considered to be in the El Paso County’s jurisdiction.

If the property I am inquiring about has been determined to be outside of the Horizon City Limits but within the County of El Paso, who may I contact? 
Please contact the County of El Paso Public Works Department at (915) 546-2015 located at 800 E. Overland, El Paso, Texas, 79901.  Visit their website:

I was approached by a firm or a marketing company to sell our property in or near Horizon City.  How may I go about selling this property?
Please contact a local Real Estate Agent or a Real Estate Attorney to further assist you with the sale of your property.

I have a Deed to Real Estate property located in or near Horizon City limits left to me by a family member. Who do I contact to get more information regarding this?

You need to contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2131 or El Paso County Clerks Office at (915) 546-2012.

Who do I contact to report Code Enforcement issues such as unkept yards, parking on landscapes, etc..?
The Horizon City Code Enforcement Department.

I just moved to Horizon City.  Who do I call for water service, garbage collection & other utilities?
Please refer to our Utilities Page under City Information.

Where do I call to report stray or dead animals in the Horizon City limits?
The Horizon City Code Enforcement Department.

Where to I go to get assistance from Animal Services?
Go to

Who are the Horizon City Council Members and how do I contact them?
Click on the City Council Tab, Click on Mayor and Council. There you will find their email contact information.

Does Horizon City have a post office?
No but you can check USPS Website to locate the nearest one.

Where do I go to pay a ticket in Horizon City?
The Horizon City Municipal Court.

Does Horizon City have a newspaper?
The West Texas Courier is published weekly and covers all of El Paso County.  The newspaper is free of charge and can be found at most local convenience stores including Horizon City Town Hall.

Do I need a permit if I am making improvements to my home?
In most cases yes but we ask that you please contact our Building Services Department.

Who do I call to reserve a city park for private function?
The Horizon City Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant.

Where can I get a document notarized?
We have a Notary Public available with a nominal fee at our Municipal Court Department.

Does Horizon City have a library?
El Paso County offers free access to a digital online library (Illumina) providing services for electronic and digital media for free use by El Paso County card holders. The services includes, eBooks, Audio Books, Music, Video, TV and Magazines for the whole family. There are no late fees because the materials return themselves after the borrowing period. Now you have access to a world of entertainment options for free wherever you are in the world. Just use your library card and pin when creating accounts. To sign up for your free library card and get information on all other resources offered at Illumina, please visit their website at




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