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City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office is located at Horizon City Town Hall – 14999 Darrington Road, Horizon City, TX 79928.  City Hall is open Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Position of the City Clerk is a statutory position required by State law and the City Charter.  In addition to the statutory duties of the position, the City Clerk is responsible for the following:

  • Supporting City Council during City Council meetings (preparing, posting and distributing meeting agendas, audio-taping the meetings, and preparing minutes of the meeting)
  • Supporting Economic Development Commission Board of Directors during Board Meetings (preparing, posting and distributing meeting agendas, establishing a quorum, audio-tape meetings, take notes and preparing minutes)
  • Retaining and distributing official council and mayoral documents
  • Archiving and Retention of all official City documents including city contracts, agreements, ordinances and resolutions
  • Responding to citizen email inquiries
  • Coordinating appointments by City Council to various Boards and Commissions
  • Setting up appointments and meetings with constituents for City Council and Mayor
  • Maintaining official public records
  • Consulting and training city departments personnel on safety, management/supervisory skills, employment laws, city policies and local, state and federal municipal laws
  • Inventorying, transferring, storing, retrieving, and retaining records from city departments according to Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Distributing codified updates to the City Code of Ordinances
  • Accepting official sealed bids and proposals for city projects
  • Swearing in City Officials and New Officers
  • City Elections Officer
  • Posting and Publishing of Required City Notices and Ordinances


In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Public Information requests must be submitted in writing. Please use the link below for requests for records from The Town of Horizon City. Upon receipt, the City will begin processing your request. Please note that it can take up to 10 days to provide the requested information
Open Records Request Form

City Clerk
Elvia Schuller, TRMC
Phone: (915) 852-1046 ext.  106
Fax: (915) 852-1005

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