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City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office is located at Horizon City Town Hall – 14999 Darrington Road, Horizon City, TX 79928.  City Hall is open Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Position of the City Clerk is a statutory position required by State law and the City Charter.  In addition to the statutory duties of the position, the City Clerk is responsible for the following:

  • Supporting City Council during City Council meetings (preparing, posting and distributing meeting agendas, audio-taping the meetings, and preparing minutes of the meeting)
  • Supporting Economic Development Commission Board of Directors during Board Meetings (preparing, posting and distributing meeting agendas, establishing a quorum, audio-tape meetings, take notes and preparing minutes)
  • Retaining and distributing official council and mayoral documents
  • Archiving and Retention of all official City documents including city contracts, agreements, ordinances and resolutions
  • Responding to citizen email inquiries
  • Coordinating appointments by City Council to various Boards and Commissions
  • Setting up appointments and meetings with constituents for City Council and Mayor
  • Maintaining official public records
  • Consulting and training city departments personnel on safety, management/supervisory skills, employment laws, city policies and local, state and federal municipal laws
  • Inventorying, transferring, storing, retrieving, and retaining records from city departments according to Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Distributing codified updates to the City Code of Ordinances
  • Accepting official sealed bids and proposals for city projects
  • Swearing in City Officials and New Officers
  • City Elections Officer
  • Posting and Publishing of Required City Notices and Ordinances

Open Records Request Form

City Clerk
Elvia Schuller, TRMC
Phone: (915) 852-1046 ext.  106
Fax: (915) 852-1005

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