Table of Contents


Article I           Incorporation and Form of Government

         Section    1.01     Incorporation

         Section    1.02     Form of Government

         Section    1.03     Boundaries


Article II         Powers of the City

         Section    2.01     General Powers

         Section    2.02     Eminent Domain

         Section    2.03     Alteration and Extensions of Boundaries

         Section    2.04     Annexation Procedures (Amended 5/07/2005)

         Section    2.05     De-Annexation


Article III       The City Council

         Section    3.01     Number, Selection, and Terms of Office

         Section    3.02     Qualifications

         Section    3.03     Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem

         Section    3.04     General Powers and Duties

         Section    3.05     Compensation

         Section    3.06     Vacancies (Amended 5/07/2005)

         Section    3.07     Meetings

         Section    3.08     Rules of Procedures

         Section    3.09     Official Bonds for City Employees

         Section    3.10     Interference with Administration

         Section    3.11     Investigation by the City Council

         Section    3.12     Audit and Examination of City Books and Accounts

         Section    3.13     Action Requiring an Ordinance

         Section    3.14     Ordinances in General (Amended 5/13/2006; 11/5/2013)

         Section    3.15     Code of Technical Regulations (Amended 11/5/2013)

         Section    3.16     Authentication and Recording (Amended 11/5/2013)


Article IV        City Administration

         Section    4.01     Duties of the Mayor

         Section    4.02     City Clerk

         Section    4.03     City Attorney

         Section    4.04     Municipal Court

         Section    4.05     Police Department


Article V         Financial Procedures

         Section    5.01     Fiscal Year

         Section    5.02     Submission of Budget and Budget Message

         Section    5.03     Budget Message

         Section    5.04     Budget (Amended 11/5/2013)                                                                           

         Section    5.05     City Council Action on the Budget

         Section    5.06     Budget Amendments after Adoption

         Section    5.07     Lapse of Appropriations

         Section    5.08     Capital Program

         Section    5.09     City Council Action on Capital Projects (Amended 11/5/2013)

         Section    5.10     Public Records

         Section    5.11     Purchase Procedures

         Section    5.12     Accounting and Reporting Procedures

         Section    5.13     Authority to Issue Bonds

         Section    5.14     Authority to Levy Taxes

         Section    5.15     Collection of Taxes

         Section    5.16     Cash Reserve Fund (Added 11/5/2013)

         Section    5.17     Lease and Lease Purchase (Added 11/5/2013)


Article VI        Elections

         Section    6.01     Regular Elections

         Section    6.02     Qualified Voters

         Section    6.03     Regulation of Elections

         Section    6.04     Filing for Office (Amended 5/07/2005)

         Section    6.05     Election by Plurality


Article VII      Initiative, Referendum and Recall

         Section    7.01     Initiative

         Section    7.02     Referendum by Voters

         Section    7.03     Consideration by Council

         Section    7.04     Referendum by City Council

         Section    7.05     Submission to Voters (Amended 11/5/2013)

         Section    7.06     Results of Elections

         Section    7.07     Publications of Initiative and Referendum Ordinances

         Section    7.08     Recall Procedures (Amended 11/5/2013)

         Section    7.09     Public Hearing on Recall Petition

         Section    7.10     Recall Election (Amended 11/5/2013)

         Section    7.11     Recall Limitations

         Section    7.12     Appeal


Article VIII     Franchises and Public Utilities

         Section    8.01     Power to Grant Franchise

         Section    8.02     Franchise Extensions

         Section    8.03     Transfer to Franchise

         Section    8.04     Regulations of Franchise

         Section    8.05     Franchise Records

         Section    8.06     Commissions


Article IX        General Provisions

         Section    9.01     Conflict of Interest/Nepotism

         Section    9.02     Prohibitions

         Section    9.03     Public Records

         Section    9.04     Claims Against the City

         Section    9.05     Liens, Assignments, Execution and Garnishment

         Section    9.06     Separability

         Section    9.07     Ethics Commission


Article X         Transitional Provisions

         Section    10.01   Officers and Employees

         Section    10.02   Pending Matters

         Section    10.03   Effect of Existing Law


Article XI        Submission of Charter to Voters