Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact to report Code Enforcement issues such as unkept yards, parking on landscapes, etc..?

The persons to contact regarding these or other city violations is our Code Enforcement Officers, Ray Lozano - Email – or Richard Holguin - Email - or call 852-1046.

I just moved to Horizon City.  Who do I call for water service, garbage collection & other utilities?

Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District (HRMUD), 1539 Pawling Dr, Horizon City, TX 79928, (915) 852-3917.

El Paso Electric Company - (915) 543-5711

Texas Gas Service - (800) 700-2443

Time Warner Cable - (915) 772-8777

DISH Network - (888) 284-7116

DIRECT TV - (800) 531-5000

Where do I call to report stray or dead animals in the Horizon City limits?

The Horizon City Code Enforcement Dept – (915) 852-1046 or Public Works Dept - (915) 852-1875.

Where to I go to get assistance from Animal Services?

Go to

Who are the Horizon City Council Members and how do I contact them?

In the Blue Bar above, Click on the City Council Tab, Click on Mayor and Council. There you will find their email contact information.

Does Horizon City have a post office?

No but we do have Postal Works which can handle most of your mailing needs.  It is located next to the Horizon Vista Market at 125 N. Kenazo, (915) 852-8200.  They offer similar services as the US Postal Service – Postal Supplies, Stamps, Shipping Services, Etc…

I have a Deed to Real Estate property located in or near Horizon City limits left to me by a family member. Who do I contact to get more information regarding this?

You need to contact the El Paso Central Appraisal District at (915) 780-2131 or El Paso County Clerks Office at (915) 546-2012. 

Who do I call to get information on enrolling my children in sports activities?

Steve Rangel, President, Horizon City Youth Association, (915) 852-2669 or visit their website at

Where can I join a Church in Horizon City?

You can find links to Churches and other civic organizations within the Town of Horizon City at

Where do I go to pay a ticket in Horizon City?

Horizon City Municipal Court/Police Dept, 14999 Darrington Road, (915) 852-1047.  The Police Dept & Courts are located in the White Bldg behind Horizon City Town Hall.

Does Horizon City have a newspaper?

The West Texas Courier is published weekly and covers all of El Paso County.  The newspaper is free of charge and can be found at most local convenience stores including Horizon City Town Hall.

Do I need a permit if I am making improvements to my home?

In most cases yes but we ask that you please contact our Public Works Dept for specific information regarding your project.  Their direct number is (915) 852-1875.

Who do I call to reserve a city park for private function?

You need to call Rosa Maldonado in our Public Works Dept at (915) 852-1875 Ext 3.

Where can I get a document notarized?

We have a Notary Public available at City Hall and at our Municipal Court Dept.  There is no charge for this service.

Does Horizon City have service organizations?

The Kiwanis Club –

The Lion’s  Club –

American Legion – www.alhorizoncitytx598.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) –