Economic Development Corporation



Horizon City has adopted policies and incentives to ensure steady growth of the tax base and the creation of high quality jobs within city boundaries. One of its tools is the Horizon City Type 48 Economic Development Corporation. The EDC has the power to acquire property and provide financing for eligible projects that may provide primary jobs. Eligible projects include a number of categories, such as:

•             Manufacturing and industrial facilities

•             Research and development facilities

•             Regional or national headquarters facilities

•             Primary job training facilities

•             Military facilities

•             Transportation and distribution facilities

•             Sewage and solid waste disposal and recycling facilities

•             Air or water pollution control facilities

Eligible projects also include professional and amateur sports, entertainment and public parks projects; affordable housing projects; job training classes, and commuter rail, light rail and motorbus facilities.

Primary jobs are those positions available at a company for which a majority of the products and services are ultimately exported to regional, statewide, national or international markets. These jobs are likely to be found at utilities, manufacturing facilities, wholesale trade operations, transportation and warehousing facilities, scientific research and development firms, and telephone call centers.

For more information, please call EDC Executive Director William F. Studer at (915} 852-1046 ext. 106. You may also choose from the following links:

•             Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 

•             Texas Local Government Code, Title 12, Chapter 505. Type B Corporations

•             Articles of Incorporation for the Horizon City Type 4B Economic Development Corporation

·           Bylaws of the Horizon City Type 4B Economic Development Corporation