City's SWMP Year Four

SWMP Year Four Town of Horizon City SWMP                                                                   August 2, 2011

The Town of Horizon City is entering its fourth year in its five-year phase-in of its TPDES (Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System) General Permit No. TXR040057.  More regulations and restrictions, as well as technical criteria, will be required of the City – necessary essentials in compliance with state and national EPA and TCEQ regulations.

[City] went through an investigation by the El Paso Regional Office of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality investigation on October 26, 2010.  Said investigation was to investigate compliance to its third year of the City’s SWMP implementation.  No violations were found as a result of its investigation.

The City has distributed educational material to the public by way of the National Night Out (October 5, 2010); Movies at the Park (August 7, 2010); flyers (pamphlets/brochures), said material placed in City Hall, Municipal Courts, and Police Department for the public to pick up; and educational material distributed to area commercials and the senior center.  Said material addresses a variety of dos and don’ts to help curtail contaminating our water resource.  Public involvement is encouraged, more participation means more people are schooled in storm water issues; the word spreads out to a vast number of citizens in helping the City to comply with federal regulations. 

The City is in the process of drafting/adopting our Storm Water Pollution Control Ordinance; said ordinance will address city codes that must be complied with; it affects all residents, commercials, and the development industry.  Enforcement will be stepped up to assure compliance from the public and all concerned.  Many issues will be touched on; issues such as washing your automobile(s), vehicle repairs, auto body shops, gardening, good housekeeping, etc.

Please click on attached item icons for more educational (poster) material.

For more information regarding the city’s SWMP, feel free to call the SWMP coordinator at 915-852-1046, or visit our office at City Hall, 14999 Darrington Rd., Horizon City, TX.