City Information

Horizon City Stormwater Public Service Announcement

Ordinance No. 0192 protects Stormwater in the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System and Surface Water within the Town of Horizon City, Texas.


6.2No person shall introduce or cause to be introduced into the MS4 any discharge that causes or contributes to causing the Town to violate a Water Quality Standard, the Town’s TPDES permit for discharges from its MS4, or any federal or state issued discharge permit for discharges from its MS4.

6.3 No person shall discharge any of the following substances into the MS4, surface water in the state. Or the waters of the United States:

(a) Any new or used motor oil, antifreeze, or any other motor vehicle fluid;

(b) Any hazardous waste, including household waste;

(c) Any garbage, domestic sewage or septic tank waste, cooking oil, grease trap waste, or grit trap waste.

(d) Any trash, rubbish, yard waste, or other floatable material;

(e) Any wastewater from a commercial car wash facility; from any vehicle washing, cleaning, or maintenance at any new or used automobile or other vehicle dealership, body shop, repair shop, or maintenance facility, with the exception that the exterior of new or used automobiles for sale at a dealership may be rinsed with non-heated potable water as long as no pollutants (including but not limited to detergent, surfactants, emulsifiers, etc.) enter the MS4.

(f)  Any wastewater from a commercial mobile power washer or from the washing or cleaning of a building exterior or exterior mechanical equipment that contains any soap, detergent degreaser, solvent, or other cleaning substance, or a pollutant from the item that is being cleaned, or that has been produced by wash water applied at pressures elevated above the distribution system pressure, or that is at a temperature that has been elevated by induced heating.

(g) Any wastewater from commercial floor, rug, or carpet cleaning;

(h) Any wastewater from the wash-down or cleaning of parking lots, streets or other pavement that contains soap, detergent, solvent, degreaser, emulsifier, dispersant, or any other cleaning substances, or that has been produced by wash water applied at pressures elevated above the distribution system pressure, or that is at a temperature that has been elevated by induced heating; or any wastewater from the washing or cleaning of parking lots, streets, or other pavement where any spill, leak, or other release of hazardous material, hazardous substance, hazardous waste or other pollutant has occurred;

(i) Any effluent from a cooling tower, condenser, compressor, emissions scrubber, emissions filter, or the blowdown from a boiler;

(j) Any ready-mixed concrete, mortar, ceramic, or asphalt base material or hydromulch material, or from the cleaning of commercial vehicles or equipment containing, or used in transporting or applying, such material;

(k) Any filter backwash from a swimming pool, fountain, or spa;

(l) Any discharge from water line disinfection by superchlorination or other means if it contains any harmful quantity of chlorine or any other chemical used in line disinfection;

(m) Any runoff or washdown water from an animal pen, kennel, or foul or livestock containment area; or

(n) Any substance or material that will damage, block, or clog the MS4.

6.4 No person shall connect a line conveying sanitary sewage, domestic or industrial, to the MS4, or allow such a connection to continue.

Code Enforcement Officers are enforcing the above ordinances as well as others at all times. If there are any questions please call 915-852-1046.